I’m proud to announce our newest series of custom CoinClocks™ ….

Having been asked by some if we do ‘fancier’ clocks than what has previously been offered, I felt it was time to give these unique, top tier offerings a chance here on our website!

Featuring some of the finest clocks by Howard Miller, Seth Thomas and more!  Now you can get that very expensive coin (IMAGE) of yours proudly portrayed onto a clock that will be at home in your Executive Office or just as nice in a formal setting inside your home!

In other developing news, I am proud to announce that some – not all – of my Executive CoinClocks™ will carry with them a live-signed “Signature of Authenticity” by Miles Standish, personally.  These are not available just yet – We’re still working on the details, but I can share what these ‘chosen’ clocks will have on the back of these clocks.   Each label will be live-signed – not a print.  Reminder that not all of our Executive clocks will carry this coveted and limited release label.

Please use our Contact Form and use “Executive” in the subject and I will be happy to discuss our many options and features – and prices for your consideration!

 This notice is for ALL my clock customers – Executive or otherwise:  Please allow up to 2 weeks after ordering to receive your clock.  Many times faster – but I always want people to know that sometimes things happen in the supply line that makes it difficult for me to make promises on timing of getting your clock.  Best bet – if this is for a gift or holiday – ORDER WELL IN ADVANCE!  I will always keep you updated on the progress of your order and once shipped (USPS PRIORITY) I will include a tracking reference # and you should have within two days (2) from time of this notice.