I’m proud to announce our recent collaborative fundraiser with Michael “Miles” Standish, VP and Senior Coin Grader for NGC and my custom CoinClocks™.

When Miles told me of having his head shaved at the upcoming ANA show in Denver to help raise funds for his foundation and the ANA, I offered to provide some custom clocks to enhance his fundraising efforts.  In our discussions, I came up with a cool, custom label that Miles hand signed each of them as my “MS (Miles Standish) 70” Miles Approved CoinClocks™.

From each of the clocks with these labels sold, 10% of the total price will be donated and split equally between the ANA and the Standish Foundation for Children!

Please use our Contact Form or better yet – just email me direct at (the contact form takes it’s time in sending me notifications)  and use “STANDISH” in the subject line and I will be happy to discuss our many options and features – and prices for your consideration!

 This notice is for ALL my clock customers – Executive or otherwise:  Please allow up to 2 weeks after ordering to receive your clock.  Many times faster – but I always want people to know that sometimes things happen in the supply line that makes it difficult for me to make promises on timing of getting your clock.  Best bet – if this is for a gift or holiday – ORDER WELL IN ADVANCE!  I will always keep you updated on the progress of your order and once shipped (USPS PRIORITY) I will include a tracking reference # and you should have within two days (2) from time of this notice.