Fresh up for 2018, I am celebrating the “Year of the Dog” with a series of custom designed “Dog Coins” made into custom slab CoinClocks!  I am beginning the series with dog breeds I personally have owned over the years – but I will also take custom requests.  Please see my pricing page on extra charges for custom clocks.  Or perhaps you have a favorite graded coin that you would like made into a Custom Slab Clock?!  Although I am unable to copy your label completely, with some subtle changes and custom fields that you would like, I can make you a beautiful 18″ X 12.8″ X 1/2″ Medium Density Fiberboard Slab Wall Clock!   These are printed on archival paper, then once adhered to the hand-routed board, are then 2X coated with a textured, clear embellishing gel that once hardened, your design will stay sealed indefinitely!

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Any questions on Pricing, please see my pricing page. <<click

*Please allow up to 14 days from time of order for arrival.

Type 2 Slab-Lab custom CoinClock!

Here’s my newest custom slab-clock breed!  She’s also our current spoiled puppy;  The ‘SLABrador Retriever!’  Careful when eating steak around her…She then becomes a SLOBBERdor-Retriever <3

Besides our current “Hershee,” also shown are Buffy and Duke and my Belgium Browning Light 12.

And here’s a very special and near and dear to my heart, “Dione” (von Hankaar), who was my Grandfather’s champion Great Dane. Daughter of Hemmings Jorge of Hei-Dan – She took Best in Show, Best of Breed and Champion many times over. We have a very large framed shadow box of her many ribbons throughout her famed career <3 What an awesome clock for all you Great Dane lovers!

Be sure to notice the denomination on the ‘coin’ 🙂

This beautiful Year of the Dog slab features my old and wonderful hunting companion: “Sonja – Bird Warrior!”  So loyal.  Tireless.  Devoted.  The Brittany Spaniel is a perfect hunting and/or companion breed and much deserves the custom design I have created here.  Notice the motto on the coin:  It’s so true.  Oftentimes much more than other people!  Price for this clock is $175.  If you have/had a Brittany and would like this customized with your dog’s name, email me and I’ll be happy to include for no extra charge.

Certainly most people have heard the rage of the new Bitcoin Cryptocurrency…Well, although we DO NOT ACCEPT BITCOIN for payment here at CoinClocks – We do offer you a very cool and unique Bitcoin Special Release custom slab CoinClock!  HOT OFF THE PRESS – and I can even personalize the label with your name or company name if you would like for NO additional charge!  $175.00 includes FedEx Ground shipping to the lower 48.  If you live outside of the CONUS, please email me 1st for a shipping quote.

Here is an example of how I can create a new custom label for your favorite slabbed coin.  Here is my newest “Sutter’s Mill Series” custom slab CoinClock: This ingot was designed by U.S. Government Chief Assayer, Augustus Humbert, I bring you this 1852/1 Humbert ‘Slug’ – (called an ingot back then) $50 gold with a stated 887/1000 pure gold content assay and the difference of .113 was silver.  $175.00

Now here is a beautiful clock of a cool 2016 Panda Moon Festival 10oz. Silver medal.  18X12.8″ – $175.00

With 2018 being the “Year of the Dog,” and who doesn’t LOVE dogs?! – I designed a brand new “Yellow Lab” (gold! 🙂 )  custom slab CoinClock here.  18″ X 12.8″ and is available for $175.00.  As with all of our slab clocks, please allow up to 2 weeks from time of order until you receive your clock as there are several drying and curing processes involved to make your new clock sealed and will last for generations!  And as always, all of our slab CoinClocks are designed and

Please note the “CC” between 6 o’clock and the coin is my company logo – not a mintmark.  I have recently made the decision as more of these are getting sold, I need to have my maker’s mark clearly in view on customer clocks.  I am not trying to infer my works are of ‘fake Carson City’ coinage.

CC = CoinClocks

Images Copyright 2018 by CoinClocksTM