Perhaps you have a favorite graded coin that you would like made into a Custom Slab Clock?!  Although I am unable to copy your label completely, with some subtle changes and custom fields that you would like, I can make you a beautiful 18″ X 12.8″ X 1/2″ Medium Density Fiberboard Slab Wall Clock!   These are printed on archival paper, then once adhered to the hand-routed board, are then 2X coated with a textured, clear embellishing gel that once hardened, your design will stay sealed indefinitely!

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*Please allow up to 14 days from time of order for arrival.

Here is an example of how I can create a new custom label for your favorite slabbed coin.  Here is my newest “Sutter’s Mill Series” custom slab CoinClock: This ingot was designed by U.S. Government Chief Assayer, Augustus Humbert, I bring you this 1852/1 Humbert ‘Slug’ – (called an ingot back then) $50 gold with a stated 887/1000 pure gold content assay and the difference of .113 was silver.  $175.00

Now here is a beautiful clock of a cool 2016 Panda Moon Festival 10oz. Silver medal.  18X12.8″ – $175.00

Please note the “CC” between 6 o’clock and the coin is my company logo – not a mintmark.  I have recently made the decision as more of these are getting sold, I need to have my maker’s mark clearly in view on customer clocks.  I am not trying to infer my works are of ‘fake Carson City’ coinage.

CC = CoinClocks

Images Copyright 2018 by CoinClocksTM