Announcing our newest series;  The Civil War.

Custom CoinClocks & American History – A winning Combination for your decor!

*DISCLAIMER:  Keep in mind our custom slab clocks are made of one solid, hand routed piece of MDF (medium density fiberboard).  It is a smooth composite material and then a graphic design (the entire image, including what on some of them, appears to be a wood frame) is then made into a print on archival paper.  After the board has been prepped and painted (edges and back) in black, the print is then carefully trimmed and adhered to the board.  Once that’s done, 2 drying coats of a clear, textured embellishing gel are applied which further seals the print to the MDF board, making this a finished product that will last generations!  These have a nice, hand-routed finished edge – but it’s NOT a FRAME.  It’s still a very cool, unique and awesome wall clock for your office, den or bedroom!  Another bonus is all of our custom clocks are designed and handcrafted in the USA by Patriotic American Citizens!

We’ll start our newest series with this handsome Stone Mountain custom ‘frame’ CoinClock.

Measuring 18.25″ X 14.25″ X 1/2″, this custom commemorative CoinClock features an image of a beautifully flawless 1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative obverse and below that an image of a pristine Stone Mountain Commemorative stamp with ‘authentic’ faux signatures of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson – along with an image of a genuine battle wounded Confederate Flag.   Ideal for your Office, Study or Den


Next up is this cool 1861 Restruck Gobrecht Seated Liberty Dollar reverse with the Confederate States of America, with matching 1863 Confederate $.50c Bill.  As there’s the regular obverse on the coin and no reverse image on the bill, this is only available as shown – or a 12″ Honey Pine wall clock.

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